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Land of the Lost


Unless you really like Will Ferrell and have the ability to leave your entire brain at the door... and I mean the whole thing... if you bring one iota of intelligence into the theatre with you, you're going to hate Land of the Lost.

I'm in sort of a weird place when it comes to Will Ferrell. I really don't want to think he's funny, but he always seems to make me laugh. It's just so stupid.

Every 10 minutes throughout the movie, I was saying, out loud, "why are they already so adjusted to what's going on?"... "Why are they not scared out of their minds?"... "Why would they just sit there and watch that happen?"... or "How did he come up with that idea, who is this guy Robert Langdon?"

This movie contains some of the stupidest, most immature humor in a movie with such great special effects that I've ever seen. Some really racy humor for a PG-13 movie, actually, and some really, really good special effects.

If you do decide to go see Land of the Lost, and I'm not suggesting that you should, I can't emphasize this enough... LEAVE YOUR BRAIN AT THE DOOR.

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