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The Taking of Pelham 123


The Taking of Pelham 123 is a waste of time. This is a prime example of style over substance. Someone should slap Tony Scott the next time he shoots something with the intent of speeding it up or slowing it down. If it's boring at regular speed, then it's probably boring at any speed.

John Travolta should never be allowed to play a badass again. It's hard to know whether the F-bomb was written into the script over and over or if Tony Scott was watching his performance and just added the curses in order to make Travolta seem more angry and psychotic.

I'm really not even sure what genre this would fit into. It's not really action (although there are some unnecessary car chases/pile-ups), it's really just Denzel and Travolta acting into microphones. Don't bother going to the theatre to watch people doing something you can participate in for free at the McDonald's drive-thru.

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