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Year One


If Year One makes a cent more than Land of the Lost, Will Ferrell should take personal offense. Going into Year One, I said that I believed it would be on par with Land of the Lost... man was I wrong. It was on par with my ass.

You know "one joke" movies? This was a "zero joke" movie unless you are living in the year one. Residents of prehistoric times are the only people who MIGHT find any of these jokes funny at all strictly because I imagine the jokes would be shocking enough to draw laughter. I may be short-selling cavemen, however, because even cavemen are probably too sophisticated for this brand of humor.

Jack Black can eat shit... oh, I'm sorry, he already did. In addition to shit eating, there is also piss drinking, fat hairy man oil rubs, and an awful lot of penis talk. This is unoriginal, juvenile, lowbrow garbage that makes Land of the Lost look like a masterpiece.

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