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I am Number Four


I Am Number Four isn't great, but it is entertaining enough to recommend.

The whole time I was watching it I kept getting a very "Smallville" vibe from the whole thing. I was not at all shocked to find out at the end of he movie that it was produced by the Smallville team. While I recognize that there are very few original stories left in the world, I can't even give the writers of I Am Number Four credit for trying since most of the plot points seem to be ripped straight out of the world of Superman.

The acting was fine, the writing was fine... I Am Number Four was fine. The special effects were really good... actually, don't bother with this. Wait to see if the sequel gets good reviews. If it does, rent I Am Number Four and then go see the sequel. If the sequel sucks there really no reason to invest any time into this one.

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