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Sanctum 3D


There are two things the producer's of Sanctum should have insisted upon:

1. A PG-13 rating. There have been several times in my life when I got excited because I found out that a movie would be rated R and disappointed to find out that a movie wouldn't be rated R. Specifically in the cases of the film versions of Sweeney Todd and Rent. There's no reason this movie had to be rated R. It's almost as if they purposely added unnecessary gore and vulgarity in order to secure the R rating, which is bizarre behavior to say the least. A PG-13 rating would have drawn in a larger audience and, in this particular case, wouldn't have taken away from the realism of the movie. I never care about vulgarity, but gore is only needed if it's effective. It was effective in 127 Hours. It's not in Sanctum and feels extraneous.

2. A well known actor. I'm all for casting unknowns in major roles, but Sanctum needed someone to invest in and Reed Richards was not that someone. Give me Ed Harris, or a Hemsworth if you feel the need to keep it Australian. I just didn't feel any connection with any of the characters.

I think the ultimate shortfall for Sanctum was the screenplay, though. Just about every other line in the trailer was a cliche and it didn't end with the trailer. The dialogue is extremely trite, predictable and boring that the people delivering it ultimately become less interesting as a result.

Some of the 3D effects were cool, but not enough for me to recommend spending money to see this movie.

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