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The premise of this movie is way too weak to have made a whole movie about it... plus it sort of comes out of nowhere.

To be honest, I don't even remember what the actual plot of the movie is. Not because I saw Unknown last month and it's been so long that I forgot it... I forgot it immediately after the credits began to roll. It has something to do with the use of corn as a fuel source or something... a cheap method of taking advantage of eco-friendly moviegoers. Even the main plot of the film is over shadowed by the whole amnesia/conspiracy aspect of the film which has nothing to do with the "real" main storyline.

The fact that Liam Neeson develops amnesia isn't the driving force behind the action in the movie, nor does it expose any truths that we wouldn't have found out otherwise. He simply develops a conscience as a result of relearning about his past. I always end up comparing the big reveal in a movie to the big reveal in Scream. You could easily guess who the killer in the original Scream movie was if the writer and director hadn't done a brilliant job steering you away from the truth without ever lying to you. The story behind what's happening in Unknown is so convoluted that there is no way anyone could ever have guessed it... which kind of takes all of the fun out of watching it. It's not a good twist if there weren't hidden clues throughout the movie that you missed.

I thought this was going to be Neeson's follow up to his winning formula from Taken. It's not even close to the quality of that movie. Let this movie remain... Unknown.

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