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What Happens in Vegas


What Happens in Vegas was released in theatres on 5/9/08 and on DVD and Blu-ray on 8/26/08.

What a colorful movie. And it mostly takes place in New York. I'm trying to say nice things about it. Uhh... Cameron Diaz finally got back to looking like an older version of the girl we fell in love with in The Mask instead of a skinny chicken legged, big mouthed annoyance. That's about it, though... oh, it looked really good in hi-def.

What's wrong with it, then? It spells out all of the jokes. It thinks it's audience is a bunch of idiots. I guess that's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy because by making the joke accessible to idiots, they are attracting idiots to watch the movie. For example, there is a sequence in the movie (which was almost entirely in the trailers) where the screenplay experiments with cause and effect. The problem is, they show you the effect (which is supposed to be surprising) literally in the next scene, not to mention in the trailer for the movie, so it's never really a surprise at all. My point is, if you show her training him, like a dog, to put the toilet seat down; instead of immediately showing her get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and falling in the toilet because he removed the seat... SAVE IT! Don't give-in to the short attention spans of idiots. Most people would appreciate the respect anyway. Wait a while. Have her fall in the toilet later. Make us remember. It's funnier when you forget the set up. She showed him how to put the toilet seat down in the morning and then it jumped to that night. Almost any part of the movie could have taken place that day to make us forget that she had treated him like a child earlier and that he might want to get revenge somehow.

What Happens in Vegas is instant gratification fluff for people who don't like to think. It's got flashy lights and pretty people doing funny things. It's a clown show and it's not worth the time I took to write this. I'm outta here.

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