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The House Bunny

Actually, yes. You can wait till DVD, though, it's no rush.

I found myself struggling desperately not to smile, to suppress my laughter. But some of the things that Shelly (Anna Farris) said were too funny to deny. As girly a movie as The House Bunny is, I still found it to be mildly entertaining. When she is teaching the girls of Zeta house about eye make-up and says, "The eyes are the nipples of the face", I had to crack a smile. Some statements just didn't make any sense at all like "my heart is racing like a nail." Those are the things that made me lose my "cool".

The House Bunny is most certainly going to become a Broadway musical at some point down the road. It has the same appeal as Legally Blonde. I didn't see Legally Blonde, but I assume that the themes are similar and that the quality of acting and film making are identical.

Anna Farris was perfectly cast in this role and played it over-the-top as the material suggested. I thought it was a little racy for some of the younger viewers that are coming to see it. I was totally weirded out when a man in the theatre, who was there with what I can only hope was his daughter and her friends, laughed very loudly at a comment in the movie made by a frat guy about how he'd never gotten drunk enough for a "hot lunch". Obviously the term "hot lunch" isn't used in the movie, but that's what they were talking about. Try explaining that to your daughter.

The House Bunny is not a good movie. There is an establishing shot of the Playboy mansion that is clearly a painting, and a reflection of people in a handheld mirror that is so disproportionate to where the people are that it looks like a video is playing in Shelly's make-up case. It's funny enough, however, to recommend for people who will be able to tolerate it.

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