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Yeah, why not.

Inkheart has a couple of problems.

The first issue is something I never thought I'd say... Helen Mirren. What is she doing? She's fallen into the Halle Berry, Jamie Foxx, Adrian Brody trap. She won an Oscar... she may have actually won just about every award that was given out in 2006 and 2007 for her performances in Prime Suspect: The Final Act and The Queen. After that, she co-starred in National Treasure 2 and Inkheart. Normally I'd say that adding her name to the cast list raised the films property value, but whenever she acts in movies like Inkheart, she totally hams it up. She was brutally annoying in this movie.

The second problem is the running time of the movie. The adventurers in go to the place where the climax will be very early on in the movie. They then leave to do something that they could have done years earlier, and then go back to the place from where they had just left. The movie could have been 30 minutes shorter and it wouldn't have lost anything at all.

Thankfully, Brendan Fraser never utters the phrases "Here we go again", "Everybody hold on!!!", or "I hate mummies". He was actually fairly subdued in this and was pretty effective.

The special effects were decent and the story is fun. This is an adventure for the whole family and if you let your imagination go, you will probably enjoy Inkheart quite a bit.

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