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The acting was actually OK. So was the direction. Where Notorious falls flat is in the writing. There's too much trite dialogue and way too many extraneous scenes. The movie wasn't long... but was still too long.

Being a white suburban kid while the events depicted in Notorious were actually happening, I wasn't all that aware of the details of the Hip-Hop wars of the mid 90's. I knew of the skirmish, but didn't know who were the members of the Axis of Evil and who were the members of the Coalition of the Willing. Based on the perspective of the movie, Biggie's death could have been a result of a misunderstanding between Biggie and his crew and Tupac Shakur, or the result of a fictitious bi-coastal rap rivalry propagated by Suge Knight, co-founder of Death Row Records. Biggie's murder remains unsolved and so the film remains unresolved, but since the film is from the perspective of the East Coast, it clearly depicts the West Coast rappers as the bad guys. I'd be interested to see the film from the perspective of the West Coast...

... what am I talking about?!?! I don't care about any of this.

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