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The Unborn


Why is it that people in scary movies walk slowly as if there's something to be afraid of when as far as they're concerned... there's nothing to be afraid of? In one of the opening scenes of The Unborn, the girl in the movie (I don't know her real name nor can I remember her character's name) is babysitting. Although she believes the kids to be asleep, when she hears a noise upstairs she reluctantly heads upstairs to see what's going on. She cautiously creeps up the stairs, eyes jutting about looking for a ghost as if she knows she's in a horror movie.

The creepy child thing is getting pretty old. Filming a child in make-up and editing it so that it looks like he's doing scary things is almost funny at this point.

I'm not telling you anything you didn't already expect to hear from me, but this is and will remain in the bottom films of 2009. Unfortunately, until I see another movie, it's also the best movie of the year.

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