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Yes, thanks to the Halo effect.

Vampire movies and movies in January all tend to suck these days. Since I didn't absolutely HATE Daybreakers, I'm actually willing to give it the stamp of approval.

Daybreakers is over-the-top, overly gory, over acted and over directed. It's clear that the directors are really really trying to create a moody atmosphere, which they do... unfortunately we can tell that they were trying to create it instead of just wallowing in the gloom along with the characters. The special effects are good but the action sequences are boring and always needed to shock you at the end with something gross in order for you to remember it.

I like how they stuck, for the most part, to the original rules that governed the vampire population in their original tales. They can't go out in daylight, they need blood to survive, they have no reflection, etc. This is, however, the first time that I've seen a movie try to cure vampirism as if it were a disease. The way that they do it is... kind of clever.

There is no twist at the end of this movie, the whole thing pans out exactly as planned and so after the movie, there is little to talk about. If you're into vampire movies you can go see Daybreakers, but as I've said a million times... it's January, keep your expectations in check.

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