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When in Rome


Wow. Before I saw Leap Year, I had honestly forgotten just how bad these movies can be. Leap Year quickly reminded me, and I thought it really couldn't get any worse than that... When in Rome is worse than that.

There's absolutely no back story or connective tissue. At one point Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel are in Rome and then they are both back in NY. They never get into how Duhamel knows Bell's sister's fiancee. He writes a sports column for a newspaper, so he's not in any sort of international industry the might give him connections in other countries.

The taxi driver who's sole purpose in the movie is to smack us over the head with the film's premise, mentions that people travel from all over the world to throw a coin into the (fictional) Fontana di Amore to wish for true love. In a drunken, embarrassed fit, Bell's character takes coins from the fountain putting a spell on the men who threw them in. She just so happens to take the coins of 5 white American men... no women and no Italian, Chinese, Russian, British, or even African-Americans. Danny Devito was the oldest of the bunch and there were no teenagers on a school trip who's coins she took. The filmmakers had so many options as to who's coins she could have plucked from the fountain that could have made the situations naturally uncomfortable for her. Instead, they fabricate these strange, one-dimensional characters to chase her through Manhattan who in no way help her grow emotionally because of her interactions with them.

Do not waste your time and money on this absolute garbage.

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