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Way too much talking. The story wasn't really that good (it really is just a combination of The Terminator and Dawn of the Dead) and the characters aren't all that interesting, so why all the dialogue? ... and crappy dialogue to boot. At one point I said, out loud, "I wish they would just shut the fuck up and fight some angels." This movie had so many missed opportunities that it's almost difficult to believe that no one suggested alternate options. For example:

Gabriel: "Why do you continue to fight when you know that all hope is lost?"

Jeep: "Fuck you!" ...could have been... "As long as I keep fighting, there will always be hope" or something like that. "Fuck you" doesn't mean anything and it certainly isn't an acceptable answer to the question.

Also, the filmmakers spent the whole movie setting up for Kate Walsh's character to become so weak that she is able to be possessed by the angels outside the diner... I don't like posting spoilers, but you should know ahead of time that they don't do that, so that you don't get disappointed.

On top of all that, this movie acts under the assumption that God is fallible, sends mixed messages about abortion, and is really wishy washy. If you think about all of the ways that people die on a daily basis, you would think God would be able to set in motion any sequence of events to kill one person. Didn't he see Final Destination? It seems like a half-hearted attempt for a Deity... and then he fails. What kind of a God can't take out one pregnant woman?

The action sequences were cool and I love a good apocalypse, but they tried to take the movie too seriously and it actually is worse for it... not to mention very, very boring.

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