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Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

Yes, but after you put your 3D glasses on, take your brain out.

There were several times during this movie that I said, "... bullshit." I mean, forget about the stupid parts like the full out theoretical conversations that the three characters were having as they were falling for miles about what might happen when they finally get to the bottom of the pit they were falling down, or the cavalier attitude that the 13 year old kid has about the Tyrannosaurus Rex that's chasing him and his uncle. There were a bunch of very easily resolvable issues that had nothing to do with the quirky nature of the movie. Example: they were racing against time; the temperature was rising and they needed to get to the surface before it got too hot, yet, they were rarely sweating. In fact, it seemed like the hotter it got, the less the characters would sweat. All they needed was a spray bottle between takes.

I like the new 3D technology, but I'd prefer it if the 3D movies that were being released wouldn't over exploit the technology. Yes, it's cool when things jump out at you, but when they introduce a prop, a yo-yo for instance, just to throw it at the audience, they should try to incorporate it into the plot somehow. Have someone swing a yo-yo at a creature or something. Something.

I can't imagine that this movie is at all entertaining in 2D simply because you would be sitting there picking out the actions that were specifically added in to take advantage of the third dimension and would normally have no place in a regular 2D movie.

So why should you see it? Good question. Journey to the Center of the Earth is the definition of "mindless fun". This movie in 3D is a roller coaster ride that you shouldn't miss.

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