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The Wackness

Yeah, but it's kinda too late because it's not really in theatres any more.

I think if you were a teenager in the 90's you might get more out of this movie than you will if you were under 15 or much older than 30. It's more of a nostalgia piece than anything else. Maybe the most recent "period film" ever made. There's a lot of 90's slang and 90's music (mostly rap) to make you smile and think about back when those words and songs were all you'd hear.

The story is fine, the acting was good, and the writing was OK, but the direction was nothing to write home about. The director made some cool decisions about how to film the movie, but bailed out on them before they were fully realized. The movie gets a little more serious towards the end than I had expected it to. The trailer made it look more fun than it ended up being, but what it ended up being was fine, too.

I guess this is a fun rental if you grew up in the time period that it takes place in. Check it out when it comes out on DVD.

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