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27 Dresses


27 Dresses was released in theatres on 1/18/08 and and Blu-ray and DVD on 4/29/08.

Here's a movie that tries to trick you into believing it has balls. First you have James Marsden's character. He plays a ridiculously cool guy; a ladies man and a man's man... or not... actually he's a pussy. Turns out he's putting on a tough facade to protect himself from being hurt again. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't surprised, it's just that I was hoping for something a little less predictable. Then when Katherine Heigl's character, who has been taking shit from everyone (especially her selfish sister) finally stands up for herself and actually trys to protect a friend, she feel's bad about it and apologizes... while what she did may have been over the top, it certainly wasn't uncalled for.

This horribly directed, formulaic crapfest has mediocre performances and substandard writing. It is the definition of "chick-flick", but really isn't suitable for anyone. If you want to see a good "chick-flick" rent Definitely, Maybe.

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