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Superhero Movie

I'm not really sure how to say this without inducing panic, so I'll just say it and trust that you'll be able to handle it long enough for me to explain.


Superhero Movie was released in theatres on 3/28/08 and on DVD on 7/8/08.

Okay breathe. Deep breaths... now relax. Here's the deal. In a world where we are getting slammed with movie genre spoofs; Scary Movie, Scary Movie 2, Scary Movie 3, Scary Movie 4, Date Movie, Epic Movie, The Comebacks, Meet the Spartans, and the upcoming Disaster Movie, honestly, the last thing we needed was Superhero Movie. I haven't seen all of those movies, but the difference between those and Superhero Movie is that all of the jokes in this one are actually jokes about the genre. You don't have gladiators kicking Britney Spears into a pit or Narnians in an edition of MTV's Cribs.

I hate these movies. I think they're stupid, but this one wasn't completely unwatchable. While the gags are hit or miss (in my opinion, mostly miss), if I can tolerate it and you're into these kinds of movies and you liked Airplane, The Naked Gun, and Hot Shots, you'll probably love Superhero Movie.

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