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Step Up 2 the Streets


Step Up 2 the Streets was released in theatres on 2/14/08 and and DVD /and Blu-ray on 7/15/08.

This is a movie, for lack of a better word, for people who like to watch hip-hop dancing. Step Up 2 the Streets is so formulaic that, without all of the ridiculously impressive dancing, it's not worth the power it took to run my TV. The acting is bad... not horrible, but bad. The story is flat out stupid and really just an excuse to extend this music video to 97 minutes and 44 seconds.

The screenplay and direction is so random that it barely creates a coherent plot. For example, oh, and spoiler alert (in case you actually want to see this for yourself), for some reason after Andie gets expelled, her entire group of friends stops talking to each other with absolutely no reasoning behind it, none of them gets into a fight with another one, there's no confrontation, or drama of any kind that might hurt their friendship. Then there's this whole dramatic montage of them all doing their own thing; eating lunch at the same time, but not with each other, moving on with their old humdrum lives all sad because they're not fulfilling their destiny to form a crew and perform at "the streets", a spontaneous, exclusive dance competition that you can only find out about after you perform some kind of dance prank and post a video of it on the Internet. If the video gets an insane amount of hits, you'll get a text message the day of "the streets" competition with its time and location. Even though none of them are speaking to each other, when they all get the text about the competition, they all drop what they're are doing to go find Andie and convince her that she should blow off her responsibility to her foster mother and go with them. It's all quite magical.

That being said, the actual talent that these kids has is unbelievable. They move their bodies in ways that they weren't meant to move... and they do it to a beat. If you asked me to move like them, not only would I not be able to do it to a beat... but I might never be able to move again.

If they had made a movie with no dialogue, just these people dancing, it probably wouldn't have made as much money as it did, but it would have been a whole hell of a lot more entertaining.

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