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College Road Trip


College Road Trip was released in theatres on 3/7/08 and on DVD and Blu-ray on 7/15/08.

I'm not going to lie. I didn't watch College Road Trip. I have no desire to see it and I'm not really willing to sacrifice my time for it. The truth is, although I can tolerate him if the material is there, I really don't like Martin Lawrence. I despise Donny Osmond... and the entire Osmond family... I'm not really sure why since I only know Donny and Marie... maybe that's why, actually. The other reasons that I'm not willing to waste my time watching it are:

1. There's a pig in the front seat of the car on the poster.

2. It's a G rated movie about someone having a college experience.

3. There's a pig in the front seat of the car on the poster.

4. Donny Osmond tries to act annoying in it... Seeing as how he already is annoying, I can't imagine wanting to live through his interpretation of what annoying would be.

5. Snow Angels comes out on Tuesday and if I return this disc to Netflix, I might have a chance of getting it before it's availability status changes from "Now" to "Very Long Wait".

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