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Eagle Eye

I almost said yes simply because there really isn't much out there to see, but it occured to me that there are other things you could do... other than seeing a movie... I don't know what, but people do other things all the time (skiing, invading small countries, husking corn, etc.) I also thought about how out-of-control ridiculous the plot is, and that almost solidified my stance that you should not see Eagle Eye...

... but Yes, You should see Eagle Eye.

I bet you're a little confused. Well, you don't like skiing, you don't have an army (yet), and it's not your night to cook. How could I possibly know all of that about you? I have an artificially intelligent master computer system that knows everything about everything and can do anything. In fact, if you did enjoy those activities, in order to get you to see Eagle Eye, it probably would have leveled every mountain in the world, started peace negotiations with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, and husked every ear of corn in the world. That's how ridiculous the plot of this movie is. Has that cleared anything up? No?

The fact of the matter is this movie was fun to watch. As silly as it is, the action is crazy, the chase scenes are suspenseful, and it keeps you guessing for a pretty long time. It has a very Speilbergarian ending seeing as how he produced the thing, but as preposterous as Eagle Eye is, it was more believable, and better written, directed, and acted than Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, A.I., and Schindler's List. (Just kidding about Schindler's List, that movie was supposed to be far-fetched.)

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