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Righteous Kill


To be honest, I really didn't hate Righteous Kill. The reason I can't recommend it is not because I wasn't entertained, it's because the movie was so poorly structured that it ruined itself.

I knew how it would end from the very first shot of the movie. They proceed to try to trick you into thinking that someone is the killer by adding in things that would make sense if that person was the killer. Then, when the big reveal happens, they thought we would be so shocked that we wouldn't remember their nonsensically deliberate attempts to throw us off course. I wasn't shocked at all and now I'm stuck trying to understand why the actual killer felt the need to do the things that he did when he said he had to "change the rules". His actions are irrelevant to the plot and didn't help his cause at all.

While it really didn't make sense as a whole, it was fun to watch. De Niro, Pacino, Wahlberg, and Leguizamo all had good chemistry on screen and I enjoyed the movie as a result. I can't, however, in good conscience, recommend Righteous Kill.

Alternatives to Righteous Kill: Heat, The Departed, The Dark Knight

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