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Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns

If you're black, yes. If you're not, watch it if you want to... it's not bad.

Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns was released in theatres on 3/21/08 and on DVD and Blu-ray on 7/1/08.

So, in preparation for the second Tyler Perry release of 2008, The Family That Preys, I thought I might check out the first. After all, The Family That Preys has white people in it, so we're kind of obligated to see it.

Meet the Browns is formulaic. If there were someone else here when I watched it, I would have been able to tell them exactly what would happen well before it actually did. Then again, if there were someone else here, I probably wouldn't have been watching Meet the Browns. It really is just a glorified Lifetime movie and to be perfectly honest, the only thing that bumps it up a notch is Angela Bassett.

I'm trying to figure out the whole Madea thing. (S)he's not funny... and in this particular movie, not necessary. She's only in one scene and that scene comes out of nowhere and is never spoken of again. Now, I haven't been following the character, but it seems like it's lame-ass Eddie Murphy/Martin Lawrence stuff. With the popularity of these movies, I thought they would be above that kind of nonsense. Unfortunately not.

Madea aside, Meet the Browns isn't unbearable and I've said that about much worse movies, too.

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