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Prom Night (2008)


Prom Night was released in theatres on 4/11/08 and on DVD and Blu-ray on 8/19/08.

Prom Night wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was worse.

I didn't see the original, but times have changed. Parent-teacher organizations, local governments, and even some straight laced students have completely altered the prom experience. When I was growing up, I expected prom to be KRAZY!!!!!! Sex, drugs, and alcohol galore. What it has turned into, however, is basically just time donated by adult chaperons to keep kids off the streets. I hate the hypocrisy of it. Adults are so overprotective that they won;t allow kids to live out their senior proms the way their parents did when they were in high school.

The only reason I brought that up is because with all of the stories I've been hearing about schools canceling senior proms or turning them into family events and shit, the producers didn't feel the need to include the changing society in the screenplay. Yes, there are still some schools that are having proms, but I guarantee you that there is more than one chaperon at them and that they are not being held in hotels. If they are being held in hotels, I'm sure that the school has set up rules that prevent the students from getting rooms. They could have had more chaperone's at the hotel that were also getting killed. They could have had the prom take place in the school auditorium and implied that the sex scenes were going to take place in the classrooms or locker room. There's plenty of opportunity to kill off students if they're sneaking around an empty school. The ways that the students come up with to turn prom into what it used to be could be the things that are ultimately getting them killed.

They have to deliberately show the characters turning off their cell phones and taking the hotel room phone off the hook so that people can't get in touch with them... but what makes it worse is that they don't use the phones to make contact anyway, they are constantly going to and from the room to give messages to each other. I have a problem with the fact that these kids, within a two hour time period, make 5 trips up to their suite giving the killer ample opportunity to kill them. Also, the story had little to do with prom at all... all of the killings happened in or en route to or from the hotel room.

The movie was never scary, never funny, and never sad. I had no feelings for any of the characters, the killer could have wiped them all out for all I cared.

Prom Night sucks.

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