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Snow Angels


Snow Angels was released in theatres on 3/7/08 and on DVD on 9/16/08.

It's difficult to suggest that anyone see Snow Angels because of how upsetting it is. Everything else about it, everything, makes it so easy to recommend. The writing, the performances, the chemistry of the actors, the relationships of the characters, the direction, the cinematography... everything.

I'm anxious to see how the Oscar nominations play out this year. Kate Beckinsale's and Sam Rockwell's performances are staggeringly powerful. Unfortunately, this movie might go unrecognized simply because it didn't get a wide release. I'm stunned by the fact that David Gordon Green could go from directing Snow Angels to Pineapple Express in the same year.

There's something about this movie that reminded me of American Beauty. I couldn't figure out why and I started to scan some other reviews, professional reviews, to see if anyone else could put my thought into words. There really are no parallels between the two stories so I didn't necessarily think that someone else would have made the direct connection, but then I found this and it happens to be exactly what I was feeling but couldn't put my finger on: "It’s one of the most relentlessly honest and bleakly disturbing mirrors to American despair since American Beauty." - Rex Reed of the New York Observer.

I've cried at 5 movies in my life (one of them was because I misunderstood what was going on, but that's a different story) this was one of them. Not, like, sobbing crying, but I have to say I actually shed a tear. Snow Angels is a perfectly made, depression inducing, beautiful film.

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